Rules of the New Zealand Landscape Salon

General Rules

  1. The New Zealand Landscape Salon is open to all members of the Public.
  2. There is only one section in the New Zealand Landscape Salon: Digitally Projected Images.
  3. A Champion Trophy will be awarded to the top entry and is the recipient’s to keep.
  4. Entrants may enter between 1 and 4 digital images.
  5. Only photographs of the New Zealand landscape are eligible.
  6. No image that has previously been successful (e.g. Accepted) in a Laurie Thomas / NZ Landscape Salon maybe re-entered. 
  7. No cropped portion of any image that has been previously accepted in the Laurie Thomas / NZ Landscape Salon may be re-entered.
  8. The entry must be 100% photographic in origin. 
  9. No element of the entry can be computer-generated including any element created by Artificial Intelligence (AI).
  10. Any dispute concerning these rules may be referred in writing to the Christchurch Photographic Society whose decision will be final and binding.
  11. By submitting an entry, entrants are deemed to have accepted all of these stated Rules of the New Zealand Landscape Salon.

Image Manipulation

  1. The integrity of the landscape at the time of capture must be maintained.
  2. No image may be manipulated during processing in any way that materially alters the facts of the landscape at the time of exposure.
  3. The addition to, or deletion of, elements is not permitted.  This includes: sky replacement, focal length blends, digital light painting, computer-generated elements, AI-generated elements.
  4. Composite images are not permitted.
  5. The following minor digital adjustments are allowed: correcting exposure or colour balance, dodging and burning, changes to tone and contrast, limited cropping, sharpening and noise reduction.
  6. Removal of minor, transient elements e.g. a leaf, stone, litter or dust spot are permitted provided their removal does not impact on the integrity of the scene.
  7. High Dynamic Range, panoramic/mosaic stitching, and focus stacking techniques are permitted.
  8. The salon organisers reserve the right to request the raw file of an image to verify compliance with the salon rules.

    Format for Digital Entries

  9. Entries are to be uploaded in the following specification: jpeg format, sRGB colour space, maximum resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels.
  10. Images must be at least 3000 pixels in the longest dimension (for horizontal format images).
  11. Limited cropping is allowed, but the native resolution of the image must still be at least 3000 pixels on the longest edge for horizontal format images or 2160 pixels for square or vertical format images.
  12. A title of no more than 35 characters can be provided.
  13. No watermark, title, logo or identification of the author shall be shown anywhere on the image file.
  14. Images must be submitted digitally via the website.

    Use of Images

  15. Copyright of the image remains with the Photographer.
  16. Christchurch Photographic Society is granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license, to use any image for:
    1. Archives or recorded lectures of the Society and/or the Photographic Society of New Zealand (PSNZ) or for a video compilation of successful entries.
    2. Reproduction in any New Zealand Landscape Salon exhibition or catalogue.
    3. Reproduction in social media, websites, newspapers, magazines or elsewhere in promoting the New Zealand Landscape Salon.





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