Meet the 2024 Judges


Annette Johnston, FPSNZ


A self-educated photographer, with 11 years behind the lens, I am deeply curious
about most things photographic. I enjoy exploring a myriad of genre including travel,
landscapes, wildlife, sports, portraits, street photography, composites, and


Recently, I have been intrigued with the notion that my imagery can
have a voice beyond the obvious. I now spend a great deal of time, exploring ideas
and thoughts within conceptualised images, and have begun writing short essays
and poems to bring added layers to my photographic work.



Paul Byrne, FPSNZ


Following my early retirement, my wife Pam and I spent time travelling. In 2003 we
came to New Zealand and subsequently migrated here in 2004. Tauranga is now

I would describe my photographic journey as the hobby which kept me sane during
two exceedingly demanding, yet vastly different careers. While my photographic
interests centre around portraiture, documentary and street photography, I have
developed a wide knowledge of most photographic genre and I am still learning.


I obtained my PSNZ Fellowship in 2018 and have been a PSNZ accredited judge
since 2012. After a period on the Judge Accreditation Panel, which I joined in 2020, 


I am currently a serving member of the PSNZ Honours Board.



Lynda Mowat, LPSNZ


Photography was initially a tool for me to continue the recording of family events, but
the desire to take better photos, particularly of my son’s sport and action on the
rugby field, soon saw this hobby grow into a passion. Then, when my boys left home,
our own dogs were the catalyst for my enduring love of pet photography, and all
things furry or feathered. 

Each genre has its own set of challenges, and within them all,  I strive to capture the
emotion behind what we see, in an attempt to give viewers the best possible

Nature, and all its inhabitants, continues to provide me with a never ending supply of
models, materials and interesting items to capture.

I achieved my LPSNZ in 2020 and have recently been appointed as a PSNZ
accredited judge.

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